A lifelong love of Jeeps and adventure led her to create Driftless Off-Road 4×4. Although she has only been off-roading for 2.5 years, there isn’t much she won’t take on in her 2019 JLU that also happens to be her daily driver. Her summers are spend off-roading, building trails for the Jeep Jamboree USA Northwoods in Crandon, WI and Quarry Meadows in Tomah, WI. In the meantime, she’s learning what it takes to become part of the next generation of Trail Guides with a few guided rides behind her. While President of Driftless Off-Road 4×4, she is also a member of the WC4WD, 4×4 Forever, and Greater MKE 4×4. Her years of working as a Jeep Tech have led to many trail repairs and new modifications for friends, currently, she is training to become a professional welder. Traveling has led her to wheel all over Wisconsin, Badlands Off-Road Park, SMORR, Drummond Island, taking on the Iron Range OHV, and she has plans within the next year or two for conquering Moab, UT.

“She-Hulk” is a 2019 JLU Sport, 3.6L 6cyl, 6spd standard transmission. No longer considered Sport, she’s known as a “Sporticon” – 4.88 gearing, HD Centerforce clutch, 2″ lift, front sway bar link disconnects, HD front and rear bumpers for winching and recovery, and the 4:1 transfer case gives her the crawl ratio she needs to follow the built rigs in her open differentials.

Back in 1999, Jay went for a drive and saw a ’98 TJ for sale. It was off on a whim that he took it for a test drive. Needless to say, he drove that TJ home. He’s been off-roading for over 20 years including trips to Moab, Sand Hollow, the Rubicon Trail, Turkey Bay OHV, Drummond Island, South Dakota, and all over the country. For several years, he’s been associated with the WC4WD and was a former President of 4×4 Forever, both of which he is an involved supporting member. During the summer, he guides for Jeep Jamboree USA Northwoods in Crandon, WI, including spending the previous months designing and building trails. He also works on building trails in Quarry Meadows OHV in Tomah, WI. During the winter months, he’s at work on “Torque Monster 3.0” rebuilding and improving the TJ for the next Spring, while continuing to support Wisconsin’s off-road clubs. The retired life has become and off-road life.

“Torque Monster 3.0″ is a 1998 TJ, 2.5L 4 cylinder, 5spd standard transmission. Several modifications have been done to him including an engine stroker that gives him a 2.8L (hence TM 3.0), 4.5″ lift, 35” tires, Ford front axle, selectable OX lockers for front and rear, 4.88 gearing, and a soon to be installed Atlas 2 speed transfer case.

After an unfortunate event with her Jeep, Erin met Morgan the Jeep Tech at the auto shop. The two of them immediately bonded. When Morgan brought up the prospect of an off-road club, Erin took an interest right away. Turns out, she had such an interest that she volunteered for the position of Treasurer. A hardworking gal, Erin is a true Midwest farmer’s daughter. She grew up on a tobacco farm with her two brothers. Not only into off-roading, Erin enjoys shooting. She is also part of Rod & Gun where she serves as Secretary and helps with various events throughout the year. Along with her twin sister, Erin runs a small painting and wallpaper business.

New to the off-road world, Erin bought her first Jeep in 2021. Although never having gone off-road before, she cannot wait to get into 4LO for the first time this year.

Three years ago, Michael was looking to replace his convertible with something more versatile to pull his boats, visit family out in the country, and not worry about unpaved roads or dodging critters. He still needed the option of taking the top down and enjoy the open air.

He told his used car dealer of a Dad to look for a Jeep. He never had one before but knew it was the perfect fit. Fast forward a year later and one popped up in an auction his Dad was monitoring for other vehicles without prior notice on the pre-sale list. Knowing nothing about the Jeep, his dad did not bid, but the Jeep also didn’t sell. Later that day after researching and discussing with Michael, they both knew that the ‘06 Rubicon Unlimited (LJ) was a great find and hoped it would resurface.

Low and behold it did! The very next day, Michael had his very first Jeep.

8 months later Michael met Morgan at a Jeep’s favorite place – the Kwik Trip filling up on fuel. While she was giving him a duck and admiring his LJ, he found out about a new Off-Road Club she was putting together in the area. It was exactly what he was looking for to learn more about and get advice on how to fix up his new ride.

Within a few months he was attending club rides along with learning to wheel during trail builds at Quarry Meadows in Tomah, and Mole Lake near Crandon, WI.

By fall, Michael had wheeled Tigerton and became a Tail Gunner for Jay at the Cranberry Crawl in Quarry Meadows.

Now hooked on wheeling, Michael is planning a lift, regearing, bigger tires, and some rock sliders to get his jeep, “Blaze”, equipped for bigger and badder obstacles.

Morgan and Jay’s 2 year old American Bully was recently rescued from a life in a kennel, to loving nothing more than jumping in the Jeep and going for a ride. When not going for Jeep rides, he keeps the couch warm at home, enjoys long walks, talks all about what we should do with the club, chases his ball around, and zoomies through the house. Everyone says he hit the jackpot when they took him home. He’s a pro at off-roading. They can’t keep him out of either Jeep; he’s always napping in his backseat when there’s work to be done. Is there a better off-road copilot than an adopted rescue?