Driftless Off-Road at Tigerton OHV

The crew headed to the Tigerton OHV right on the Embarass River in Wisconsin. We spent a chilly, rainy September 30th and a pleasant October 1st running the trails.

Before the rain Saturday morning, a few of our more experienced off-roaders had a small class on the basics of off-roading. We went over the how to get rigs into 4LO, engage lockers and sway bar disconnects, the importance of airing down and what PSI to terrain would be best. We also discussed various recover tools and equipment.

A lot of new 4×4’s took off on the trails for the first time. Not so easy as some of them found out, especially with the rain. It brought on a few live recovery lessons, which was not a bad thing. Nothing like learning to wheel in less than favorable conditions. Rain and thunderstorms caused a long lunch off the trails back at camp. The afternoon was much more favorable and we were able to take on most of the trails.

Lots of drivers took on new challenges and truly experienced what it is to off-road. We splashed through mud, climbed rocks, and navigated through tight turns. A few of us ended up in precarious situations, but, oh well! The best stories begin with questionable situations.